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When you are all alone in complete darkness at night, there is something that you feel and I think that is the best way to know the darkness. If we try to rationalize it or describe it instead, we end up diminishing it. You can also get that dark feeling by other means like listening to music, being in a place with dark atmosphere like a cemetery, looking at pictures and watching horror movies. Many people who love the darkness also love arts that give the same dark feeling and that's why I've made this website. Here you can find a lot of dark pictures and songs that will give you a dark feeling. I've also added a lot of stuff that aren't necessarily dark but interesting nonetheless. If you have any suggestions/feedback for the website or the Facebook page, please don't hesitate to contact me. The website is still in the process of being developed and I'll keep adding a lot of new stuff so don't forget to visit regularly. I'll share more stuff here than on the Facebook page since a website is tidier than a Facebook page.



Dark Arts

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